As the CEO of Spectacle Entertainment and General Manager of Majestic Star Casino, I would like to say THANK YOU for your loyal patronage over the past 25 years. Closing the doors of our little casino on Buffington Harbor is bittersweet for many of us.

We have played together, laughed together and enjoyed lots of good times along the way. We’ve given away cars and cash, served up delicious meals in our restaurants, assisted our community through the Spectacle ALL-IN program and worked hard to provide the best in service and entertainment to you.

Please know, as we bid farewell to Majestic Star Casino on Sunday, April 18, our dedicated team will continue to serve you at the all-new Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana. We look forward to seeing you again and again, as we turn up the volume on the next level of style, service and signature hospitality.

You’ll love the way we set the tempo with the best in live music, sizzling entertainment, exquisite dining, sleek bars and world-class gaming. Simply put, we can’t wait to see you at Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana as we offer up the finest in fun and excitement. Remember… it’s not goodbye, it’s we’ll see you again soon!

— Jahnae Erpenbach,
CEO Spectacle Entertainment & General Manager Majestic Star Casino


Visit the all-new Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana, opening May 14th at 5pm!