6 Tricks to Simplify Your Next Business Trip

When you travel for business, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by your itinerary, to-do list, and travel
plans. Unfortunately, these complications can cause delays and miscommunication in the actual business
portion of your trip.

In this blog, we list six tactics that can help you start simplifying your travels. The more
straightforward you can make your overall trip, the less you have to worry about stress and potential

1. Give Yourself Plenty of Extra Travel Time

One of the worst mistakes you can make on a business trip is to schedule calendar events back-to-back. If
you have a meeting right after you get off the plane, you may show up looking tired and rumpled or, worse,
you may show up late.

Use an online map to look at traffic and construction in your destination city and plan accordingly.
Whenever possible, give yourself 15 to 20 minutes more than you think you’ll need to get to any given

2. Stay at a Hotel in a Convenient Location

In addition to giving yourself a cushion for travel time, cut out as many extra stops as possible. If, for
example, your conference is being held at a hotel, staying at that same hotel is your best option.

For events at office buildings and conference centers, look for a hotel located within a few minutes of
the building so you can run back to your room if you forget something.

3. Consider a Suite Instead of a Room

If your planned trip will last more than a day, consider reserving a suite instead of a room. Many suites
have kitchenettes and extra appliances so you can save time and money by preparing lunches in your room.

Additionally, a suite has enough space that you can confidently practice any presentations or organize
your visual aids.

4. Prioritize Hotel Check-In

Even if you have a meeting soon after you arrive, go out of your way to check in at your hotel. Once
you’ve checked in, you can leave the majority of your luggage in your room.

This way, you don’t have to worry about keep your electronics in a rental car or lugging around heavy

5. Use a Shuttle Service to Get to the Hotel

If you arrive the night before your first event, consider taking a shuttle to your hotel. Many hotels
offer complimentary shuttle services that run to local airports all day. Using a shuttle reduces your overall
expenses for transportation.

If possible, use the same shuttle serve to get back to the airport so you don’t have to worry about
working with a rental service when you need to make your flight.

6. Bring a Few Personal Essentials

For most business trips, packing lighter is smarter. However, you should never leave behind personal
essentials. While these essentials differ for each person, start with an extra phone charger, a refillable
water bottle, and a safe pouch or wallet to keep your receipts in.

Keep one of your chargers in your main luggage and one in your briefcase or purse so you always have a
cord with you. Fill your water bottle in your hotel room or your hotel gym to stay better hydrated and avoid
extra charges for water. Keep your receipts container in a memorable place where you’ll notice if it gets


As you plan for your next business trip, use these tips as a starting point. Look at your itinerary,
packing list, and lodging to determine other ways that you can simplify your travels.

A successful business trip starts with a plan. Use the tips listed above to create a plan you can
confidently execute.