Business Travel Tips

6 Habits to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Your Hotel Stays

In your home, you take a lot of steps to reduce your environmental impact. But you can’t take your composter and recycling bins with you when you take a vacation or leave for a business trip. So how do you make your travel plans fit your sustainable lifestyle? Start by developing these six eco-conscious habits […]

Simple Tricks to Protect Your Valuables on Vacation

You’ve worked overtime for the last two weeks trying to complete all your projects. Now, at last, it’s vacation time. You open your suitcase and throw in clothes and a toothbrush. You wonder whether you should bring along some of your more valuable items, like your tablet or your camera. And you know you’ll need […]

Travel Smart: 6 Strategies for a Cost-Effective Business Trip

Business travel can offer invaluable time for networking, planning, and collaboration. But business trips also may cost you and your employer a significant amount. Small changes to the way you plan your trip can make a big difference in how cost-effectively you travel. In this blog, we list six strategies to help you decrease and […]

Find Your Zen: 3 Tips to Relax During a Business Trip

Business travel sounds exciting and exotic at first. When your boss asks you to meet with a new client in another state or another country, you may have initially envisioned briefly shaking hands with a VIP and then spending the rest of your time touring the sites and exploring the area. But business travel tends […]

6 Tricks to Simplify Your Next Business Trip

When you travel for business, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by your itinerary, to-do list, and travel plans. Unfortunately, these complications can cause delays and miscommunication in the actual business portion of your trip. In this blog, we list six tactics that can help you start simplifying your travels. The more straightforward you can make […]

How to Host a Successful Business Conference

You have a business conference to plan, whether that conference will involve partners, suppliers, or coworkers. No matter who will attend, you want to make a positive, lasting impression. So how do you ensure that all attendees will have a productive and constructive experience? Follow the steps listed below. 1. Find a Date When All […]

Business Dinner Conversation Starters

You’re new in the company and just got assigned to your first business trip. You and your team are headed out of state to spend a week on assignment. You board your flight, arrive safely, unpack at the hotel, and head downstairs to dinner before your early call time in the morning. You take a seat at […]