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Clueless About Wine? Tips to Impress Your Date

You’ve gone through all the usual preparation for your upcoming date, including finding the perfect restaurant and outfit. However, if your date is a wine lover or you simply want to appear a little more sophisticated, learning a few of the basics of choosing, pairing, and tasting wine is a great way to make a […]

Six Ideas for Planning a Perfect Anniversary Getaway

To celebrate your love and commitment to each other, you deserve the perfect anniversary, and a weekend or even a night away can be the ideal celebration. There are countless big and little things you can do to celebrate, but here are some ideas to consider as you plan the festivities. Get Away But Not […]

Crazy Hotels Around the World

Hotels have been around almost since the beginning of time. Even in ancient times, travelers could stay in buildings equipped for guests. Since ancient times, the hotel industry has expanded throughout the world. Today, guests can stay in a variety of different hotels, from the small and budget-friendly to the large and luxurious. Although you may have […]