Clueless About Wine? Tips to Impress Your Date

You’ve gone through all the usual preparation for your upcoming date, including finding the perfect
restaurant and outfit. However, if your date is a wine lover or you simply want to appear a little more
sophisticated, learning a few of the basics of choosing, pairing, and tasting wine is a great way to make a
stellar first impression.

If you don’t know a Cabernet from a Sauvignon blanc, here are a few techniques that will make you look
like a wine connoisseur.

Find the Perfect Pairing

One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is choosing the wrong wine pairings. Choosing the ideal wine
for your entrée is a great way for you to sound like you know your stuff while creating a more enjoyable
experience for you and your date.

Here are a few basic tips that will enhance your dining experience:

  • Remain consistent. While perusing the menu, if you see a dish that has a sauce prepared with
    white wine or red wine, use this detail as your cue when choosing your wine. White wine pairs perfectly with
    white wine sauce, and the same goes for red wine and red wine sauce.
  • Ask if your date likes spicy food. For a date that enjoys a little spiciness, choose a sweet
    wine. The sugar in the wine helps counteract the spice in the entrée. Popular sweet wine choices include
    Riesling or Moscato.
  • Keep it simple.  If you’re enjoying Spanish, French, or Italian cuisine, stick with the
    same regional wine. This simple pairing is sure to impress your date.
  • Choose an older wine. Finally, the older the wine is, the more intense the taste will be. If
    you’re enjoying a glass with your appetizer, stick with a younger variety of wine. When the main course is
    served, choose an older vintage.

You can also ask your server if he or she thinks your selected pairing works well with your chosen
appetizers and main courses.

Taste Your Wine Like a Pro

Now that you’ve chosen the ideal wine for your main course, it’s time to actually put the glass to your
lips and give it a taste. Instead of taking a swig and hoping for the best, take a few minutes to savor the
vintage. Not only will this savoring help you enjoy the experience but it will also make you seem like a wine

Begin by holding your wine properly. Whether you choose sparkling, red, or white wine, always hold the
glass by the stem. This position helps you avoid leaving fingerprints on the main portion of the glass and
ensures the heat from your hand doesn’t evaporate the alcohol in the wine, which will greatly impact its

Next, swirl your wine to release some of the aroma. Next, go ahead and sniff the wine to pick up on some
of the different tones of the vintage. For example, you might smell a hint of prunes, cherries, or even
vanilla. If you notice a particular aroma emanating from the glass, don’t be afraid to point it out to your

Finally, take a sip. If the wine smells or tastes musty or even like rotten eggs, point that taste out to
the waiter and ask for a new bottle. Both of these flaws can commonly occur when the wine is being produced
or stored.

Just because your knowledge of wine is limited doesn’t mean you can’t pick up a few pointers to impress
your date. Simply follow the tips above and rest assured, you will make your date think you are a wine

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