Find Your Zen: 3 Tips to Relax During a Business Trip

Business travel sounds exciting and exotic at first. When your boss asks you to meet with a new client in
another state or another country, you may have initially envisioned briefly shaking hands with a VIP and then
spending the rest of your time touring the sites and exploring the area.

But business travel tends to be more stressful and mundane than you imagine. Not only do you have to cope
with jet lag and work late nights but you also have to maintain a steady workflow, deal with frustrating
clients and coworkers, and wonder if your airline will ever find your missing suitcase.

Fortunately, you can still find your Zen when traveling for business. Despite the hectic schedule and odd
hours, you can take the time to unwind and relax through the following techniques.

1. Indulge in Dessert

When you travel for business, your company likely pays for your normal meals. This amenity gives you the
opportunity to try one or two new things at the hotel buffet or restaurant, so long as you stay within a
reasonable budget.

But if you need some comfort food, feel free to pull out your personal credit card and indulge a little.
Take a bite of that freshly made cinnamon roll at the café or take a sip of that fruit smoothie topped with
whip cream.  If you wish, bring that late-night snack to your bedroom and watch your favorite TV shows
before drifting off to sleep.

2. Take Advantage of the Pool or Jacuzzi

Your employer naturally wants you to make the most out of your time spent out of the office, and he or she
may have booked meeting after meeting to ensure you stay productive.

But even if you have a full schedule, you likely have a few hours of downtime to yourself now and again.
While you may feel obligated to use that time to assemble a presentation or crunch in some last-minute
numbers, don’t feel guilty for using some of those precious minutes for yourself.

Step away from your co-workers for an hour or two and take advantage of the hotel pool. The water can help
cool your frustration, and the exercise may clear your mind in time to tackle that next big project. If you
don’t enjoy swimming, try soaking away your stress in a Jacuzzi or hot tub.

Is your boss worried that you’re wasting time? Remind him or her that intermittent breaks do not stop
productivity. In fact, studies show that downtime triggers creativity and imagination while improving
relationships and problem-solving skills.

3. Get Enough Sleep

Some trips may seem like the ultimate test of endurance. After long flights, extended hours on the road,
and meeting after meeting, you may still be expected to meet your sales quota or finish that report before
you call it a night.

But experts have found that sleeping less than six hours a night significantly reduces performance. And
sleep deprivation puts the body in a constant state of stress, resulting in poor concentration, anxiety,
tension, and irritability.

To work at your best, explain to your employer, clients, and co-workers that you do, in fact, need sleep.
Don’t be afraid to call in early to catch some shut-eye, and set aside more than eight hours to give your
body time to adjust and relax.

Do you struggle to sleep when away from home? Invest in high-quality earplugs and eye masks to block out
unwanted noise and light. Bring along a few mementos from home (such as a framed family picture or favorite
pillow) to help your hotel room feel more like your bedroom.

Avoid drinking a nightcap or glass of wine before bed, as alcohol acts as an REM sleep inhibitor, leaving
you more exhausted the next day.

Transform Your Trip Into a Mini Vacation

Your next business trip doesn’t have to be all work and no play. When you try the above tips and tricks,
you can keep calm and enjoy your time at the hotel while still pleasing your boss and satisfying your
clients. With a little creativity, you can find even more ways to turn your business trip into a pleasurable