Get to Know 10 Hotel Employees Who Make Your Stay Easier

Most people can’t wait to stay at a hotel. This stay is their chance to just relax and take a break from cooking, cleaning, and working.

To make this relaxation possible, a variety of hotel employees, such as those listed below, work quietly behind the scenes. Knowing their roles and responsibilities can help you feel more informed the next time you stay at a hotel.

1. Manager

The hotel manager is the person who supervises all hotel operations and makes sure the hotel is making-not losing-money. The various hotel supervisors report to the manager.  You likely won’t meet the hotel manager during your stay unless you experience a serious disruption or inconvenience during your stay.

2. Supervisors

A handful of supervisors make sure the hotel runs smoothly:

  • Front desk supervisor-hires, trains, and supervises front desk employees
  • Guest service supervisor-hires, trains, and supervises staff members in various departments and ensures that staff members meet guests’ needs
  • Kitchen manager-hires, trains, and supervises kitchen employees
  • Housekeeping supervisor-hires, trains, and supervises housekeeping employees
  • Restaurant manager-hires, trains, and supervises restaurant staff and oversees all restaurant operations

If you have a question or concern that the staff members can’t answer, they will direct the question to the appropriate supervisor.

3. Front Desk Clerks

The front desk clerk is probably the first person you’ll talk to when you enter the hotel. His or her main job is to make you a reservation and check you into your room. He or she also handles your questions and concerns. Various front desk clerks work different shifts throughout the day and night.

4. Porters

Porters, also known as bellhops, are usually only present in more expensive and luxurious hotels. Their main job is to take guests’ luggage to their rooms. Porters also tell guests more about the hotel’s services and about things to do in the area.

5. Chefs

A chef trains and oversees kitchen staff members in the restaurant and makes sure they cook the food safely and effectively. He or she can also plan menus, order food and supplies, and monitor staff members’ schedules.

6. Kitchen Staff Members

Under the direction of the chef, kitchen staff members prepare food for the restaurants or for room service. Some employees’ main jobs are to deliver room service orders to guests’ rooms.

7. Housekeepers

The housekeepers clean the rooms and change the sheets. This job is especially important when the hotel needs to prepare for a new guest. If you don’t want housekeeping staff to visit your room during certain times of the day, put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the hotel door. Conversely, you can call the front desk if you require housekeeping services any time during your stay.

8. Servers

If the hotel has a restaurant, the restaurant manager will need to hire servers. These employees take orders, deliver food, answer guests’ questions about the menu, and make recommendations about certain dishes and drinks.

9. Maintenance Staff Members

Maintenance staff members repair all appliances, such as the plumbing, heating, or air conditioning systems.

10. Security Staff Members

These employees monitor the hotel to prevent safety problems like robbery and vandalism.

Hotel staff members want to make your stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible. If you have a question or need, you should call the front desk or visit the front desk clerk in person. He or she can solve your problem or find a staff member who can.

If you feel that your question is not addressed, you can ask to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor might direct serious problems to the hotel manager.

Next time you stay at a hotel, take a moment to notice all the people who work hard to make your stay more comfortable. For a hotel that’s your home away from home, book a room with Majestic Star.