Simple Tricks to Protect Your Valuables on Vacation

You’ve worked overtime for the last two weeks trying to complete all your projects. Now, at last, it’s
vacation time. You open your suitcase and throw in clothes and a toothbrush. You wonder whether you should
bring along some of your more valuable items, like your tablet or your camera. And you know you’ll need some
cash for your trip, but where should you keep it?

When you’re on a trip, protecting your valuables becomes a priority. If you’re not vigilant in securing
your valuables, they could get stolen while you travel.

Protecting Your Valuables While Traveling

Whether you’re taking a plane, train, or car, you need to be aware of people who want to take your

You should keep your wallet, cash, credit cards, passport, ID, and phone somewhere on your person. Keep
them close enough so that if someone tried to steal them, you would notice. Many travelers opt for a money
belt, which has a built-in pocket where they can store their stuff. There are other products on the market
that allow you to store belongings in a sock or even a bra. If you do keep your valuables in your pocket,
keep them in a front pocket rather than a back one.

It’s a good idea to store cash in a couple different places. Keep some extra cash in your backpack so you
have a backup plan if your wallet gets stolen.

What about larger belongings like laptops and cameras? Keep valuable items with you at all times. Never
hand your bag over to a stranger who offers to help you with your bag. If you need to check in a bag at the
airport, attach security hooks or locks to the bag.

Protecting Your Valuables in the Hotel

Make sure you choose a hotel that makes security a priority. Ask the hotel staff what they do to protect
their guests’ security. A secure hotel has staff on duty 24 hours a day, with surveillance cameras on the
premises. Ideally, they’ll have security guards as well.

When you arrive in your room, check the locks for all doors and windows. Store your items in your room
safe, if you have one.

Unfortunately, criminals sometimes visit hotels to steal belongings. Don’t let anyone into your room. If
someone knocks on your door claiming to be a member of the hotel’s staff, you should call the front desk to
be certain.

Protecting Your Valuables While Out and About

While you’re out touring, don’t leave out valuable items in your hotel room. Take them with you, or leave
them at the hotel front desk. Just make sure you get a receipt for your items.

As you tour, follow the same principles you followed while traveling. If you took out travelers insurance
before you left, you can have peace of mind that your lost or stolen items can be replaced.

Protecting your valuables can be a particular challenge if you decide to swim at the beach and you don’t
have anyone to watch your stuff. The ideal way to protect them is to put them in a locking travel bag with a
security chain. You could also opt for a hidden safe disguised as a sunblock bottle, sandals, or a disposable
diaper. If you’re still worried to leave your items behind, hang a waterproof case around your neck while you

Follow these tips, and you can enjoy a pleasant vacation without having to worry about losing your
belongings. Above all, make sure you choose a safe hotel that makes your security a priority. Book a room
at Majestic Star and have a great