Six Ideas for Planning a Perfect Anniversary Getaway

To celebrate your love and commitment to each other, you deserve the perfect anniversary, and a weekend or even a night away can be the ideal celebration. There are countless big and little things you can do to celebrate, but here are some ideas to consider as you plan the festivities.

  1. Get Away But Not Too Far

If you want to give yourself and your significant other a chance to get away without spending the whole weekend traveling, consider going to a location that is out of the way but still within driving distance. This gives you more time to focus on having fun rather than sitting on public transport or waiting in lines. In addition, being close to home means you can return if needed for children or pets.

  1. Book a Special Room

When booking your room, treat yourself to something special. If possible, opt for a mini or super suite, and ask the hotel if they can deliver champagne or other romantic treats to the room before you arrive. If you like, buy yourselves new robes, arrange fresh flower delivery, or set up other comforts to make the stay even more luxurious and relaxing.

  1. Look for Hotels With Dining Options

An on-site restaurant is key when you’re having a romantic getaway. That allows you to sip wine and gaze into each other’s eyes without worrying about who’s going to drive home or having to hail a cab. A variety of restaurants is ideal if you plan to spend a couple nights away. That lets you combine convenience with variety and dining pleasure. Minor amenities such as coffee in the room are also nice, allowing you to linger in bed.

  1. Sprinkle in Romantic Interludes

If you book a room near the water, figure out what time the sun sets and plan a walk along the harbor. Alternatively, if you are early birds, head to the boardwalk and watch the sun rising in the east as ships bob about in the sea. Sprinkle activities like this throughout the day to add a bit of extra romance. If that’s not your style, write a batch of love notes and pass them to your partner throughout the weekend.

  1. Schedule a Photography Session

Whether you’ve been married five years or fifty, it can be fun to look back at old wedding photos to see how young you looked and to note the excitement in each other’s eyes. To celebrate the fact that you’ve lasted, consider commemorating your anniversary with a photography session.

You can head to a studio, or you can work with a photographer onsite near your hotel. For example, if you spend your anniversary at the Majestic Star Casino & Hotel, you could do stunning shots at Marquee Park’s Aquatorium or go for a natural background at Centennial Park.

  1. Plan Some Activities

Some couples prefer to spend the weekend holed up in their rooms watching movies and reconnecting, but others prefer to be active. Ultimately, when planning your anniversary, you should do what feels right to you. Don’t try to plan your trip to fit anyone’s expectations but your own and your partner’s.

If you like being active, schedule active activities into your trip. For example, you may want to book a tee time nearby or even plan an afternoon drive and a hike through local areas.


If you’re ready to take the first step and book your room, start looking at room reservations near you. At Majestic Star Casino and Hotel, we would love it if you spent your anniversary with us. Give us a call today or book a room through our website.